Find a Doctor or Hospital

Finding an in-network doctor or hospital to fit your needs is easy with our extensive network of doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers. We have worked together with these healthcare providers to make sure you get the most value for your healthcare dollar.


Find a Drug

Many drugs are covered on the Blue Advantage formulary. Check to see if your drug is covered by using the online drug guide or viewing the complete drug list for each plan:

Search the Part D Prescription Drug Guide

If your drug is not covered and you think it should be, you may ask Blue Advantage to make an exception to the coverage rules:

Note: Blue Advantage may make changes to its formulary. Members usually receive notification of these changes 60 days in advance.


Find a Pharmacy

You can choose from any of Blue Advantage's participating pharmacies. We have more than 63,000 in our network, including retail, mail-order, home infusion, long-term care (LTC), and Indian/Tribal/Urban (I/T/U) pharmacies. Blue Advantage has a contract with pharmacies that exceeds CMS requirements for pharmacy access.

Drugs received from an out-of-network pharmacy may be covered in special circumstances, for instance, while traveling outside of the plan's service area where there is no network pharmacy. You may have to pay more than your normal cost-sharing amount if you get your drugs at an out-of-network pharmacy. In addition, you will likely have to pay the pharmacy's full charge for the drug and submit documentation to receive reimbursement from Blue Advantage.

The mail-order program offers you the convenience of mail-order delivery of your prescription drugs.


Last Updated: 09/30/2018 18:35