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$0 premium

Now get our most popular Medicare plan for $0 a month.

That's a savings of nearly $600 annually compared to 2018 premiums...but that's not all!

There's never been a better time to take a fresh look at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. Because we didn't just lower the monthly premium on our Blue Advantage Complete plan in your area. We eliminated it altogether.

The new $0 premium is just for starters. There's a new dental benefit. Lower drug copays. Prescription coverage in the gap. Plus, lots of other great reasons to consider Blue Advantage Complete this Medicare enrollment season. 

your move to medicare

You Can Trust Your Medicare Coverage to Alabama's #1 Health Insurance Provider

What does it mean to get your Medicare coverage through a trusted name like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama? A lot.

While other plans may come and go, you can count on us to be here for you, like we have been since 1936.

We're strong. We're local. We're Alabama.

Benefits of Going Blue

  •  Over 10,000 doctors and 98% of Alabama hospitals
  •  Your choice of low-copay, low-deductible and no-referral plans
  •  Plans that include prescription coverage, fitness memberships, optional dental and vision coverage and member discounts

Turning 65 or New to Medicare?

Alabama residents like you have a big advantage when it comes to finding Medicare coverage because Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has everything you need right here at home. This is the place to learn more about Medicare and to compare Medicare plans that include the top doctors and hospitals near you.

**Based on July 2017 enrollment figures.

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