Plans that cover the gaps

Want all-in-one coverage?

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans are a popular choice because they offer hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage in one plan.


Our Blue Advantage plans include:


Low doctor visit copays

Prescription drug coverage

Large network of doctors & hospitals

No referrals when in-network

SilverSneakers fitness program


Want no referrals, no copays?

Medicare Supplement or Medigap plans help cover the gaps in Original Medicare — including copayments, deductibles and the 20% coinsurance that Medicare doesn’t cover. Some plans also cover medical care outside the U.S., routine checkups, Medicare deductibles, at-home recovery and more.


Our C Plus Medicare Select plans include:


No doctor visit copays**

No referrals for specialists

Hospitalization coverage

SilverSneakers fitness program


Medicare Supplement plans do not include prescription drug coverage. Many retirees who choose C Plus also enroll in BlueRx (PDP), our prescription drug plan.

**You must meet your Part B deductible on Plan B.

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