Mail-Order Pharmacy


The mail-order prescription drug program is an expansion of your current prescription drug benefits program. The program offers you the convenience of mail-order delivery of your prescription drugs.

Can I purchase any prescription through the mail-order program?

Yes. Our plan's mail-order program allows you to order up to a 90-day supply of your prescriptions. The program can save you time and a copay when filling a long-term maintenance prescription. However, some medicines may not be available through mail-order. Contact the mail-order program to determine if your medicines are included.

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Who do I contact for mail-order service?

You may choose PrimeMail® by Walgreens Mail Service for your mail-order service. If you have questions or need more information, feel free to contact the number listed below:

PrimeMail® by Walgreens Mail Service website

TTY: 711, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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When will I receive my order?

Your prescription will be delivered to you, postage paid by U.S. mail or other carrier, within approximately 10 business days from receipt of the order. Prescriptions can be shipped via overnight carrier for an additional charge.

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Will I get generic or brand name drugs?

That depends on you and your doctor. If you wish to obtain a brand name drug when a generic is available, your doctor must write "dispense as written" or "brand necessary" on the prescription. Otherwise it will be filled as a generic if the generic equivalent is available. Generic drugs are equal in effectiveness and safety to brand name drugs. They contain the same active ingredients, have the same degree of purity, the same potency and the same concentration as their brand name counterparts. Yet, generic drugs generally offer savings of between 30 to 80% when compared to the brand name products.

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How do I order refills?

You can do one of the following at least two weeks before your current supply will run out. Be prepared to provide your date of birth, member ID number, prescription number(s) and credit card information.

By mail: Complete the refill order envelope received with your previous prescription order. Mail it with your refill slips and payment.

By phone:

  • Call PrimeMail® by Walgreens Mail Service1-800-731-3588

By Internet:

Please note: You may order refills 30 days in advance. Early reorders will be held until the refill is allowed.

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What if I have no refills left on my mail-order prescription?

If your prescription label indicates "0" refills or your refill request states "your prescription has expired," please do the following:

  • Request a new prescription from your doctor.
  • Mail it directly to PrimeMail® by Walgreens Mail Service along with your payment and completed order form to appropriate address:
    • PrimeMail® by Walgreens Mail Service
      P.O. Box 29061
      Phoenix, AZ 85038-9061
    • The PrimeMail® by Walgreens Mail Service website also provides members the option to request renewals. When no refills remain, the site will automatically prompt the member with an offer to submit a renewal request.
    • Have your doctor send your prescription electronically to PrimeMail® by Walgreens Mail Service.
    • Have your doctor FAX your prescription with the Physician FAX form. Forms can be found at the PrimeMail® by Walgreens Mail Service website

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How can I Enroll?

To enroll in the mail-order prescription drug program:

  • You must complete the Patient Enrollment Profile that is included in your Blue Advantage (PPO) enrollment packet. Ask your physician to write two prescriptions:
    • one for the mail-order prescription drug program with appropriate 90-day supply fills
    • and one for an initial 14-day supply to be filled by your local pharmacy and
  • Mail your Patient Enrollment Profile, your original written prescription(s) and payment (check, money order or credit card information) to the appropriate address:
    • PrimeMail® by Walgreens Mail Service
      P.O. Box 29061
      Phoenix, AZ 85038-9061

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