Helpful Documents and Downloads

Preparing for Medicare means learning what to expect, deciding on the right Blue Cross coverage for your health and your lifestyle, and enrolling when you're ready. This information will help.

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2019 Medicare Coverage Options
Compare the cost and coverage of our different plans

talk to an advisor about our plans or enrolling

Enrollment Kit
Everything you need to enroll in a Blue Cross Plan


Medicare Terms to Know

A quick overview of key Medicare terms.

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Is Original Medicare Enough?

This article explains how Medicare works and what unexpected costs might mean to your finances.

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What Should I Consider Before Choosing a Plan?

Key questions to answer before you enroll.

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Medicare Webinars and Meetings

When you're new to Medicare, you're going to have questions. Blue Cross gives you two more great ways to get answers.

Live, Interactive Webinars

Learn about your Medicare options in the comfort of your home.

Local Medicare Meetings

Learn more about Blue Cross plans and get your Medicare answers in person.

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